Fusion Power

60 Minutes did a segment on how Fusion power is becoming a hot topic again. I don’t know if this is true or not. Cold fusion has some serious problems, but if they found a way to make it work, it could solve all our energy problems as well as put to rest all that CO2 BS.

The problem I have with it is its a little too convenient that the story is coming out now. When you have an administration made up of green ideologues who might be willing to throw billions at this research without checking it out first.

But like I said, I hope it’s real this time.

Socialized Inhumanity

That’s what I call socialized medicine because that’s what it morphs into. Here’s the latest from Britain’s NHS, who refuses to give medical care to people over 70 even though they paid into the system their whole lives.

PENSIONERS with dementia should consider ending their lives to stop “wasting” NHS resources, it was suggested yesterday.

Medical ethics expert Baroness Warnock, 84, said senility sufferers were a burden to their families and doctors.

And she said there was nothing wrong with them feeling they had a “duty” to opt for euthanasia for the sake of others.

Meanwhile, in America our socialized medical system, Medicare, is failing as they all do, and doctors are opting out of treating patients. Just imagine the disaster Obamacare will be.

Right now he’s playing kissy face with socialist dictators like Chavez and Daniel Ortega as they insult the US and he says nothing. Maybe because he plans on adopting a lot of similar polices here and he knows that might finally get us the respect of these creeps. Like we need it from these rogues. We fought Ortega in the 80s and now Obama is making up to him. Chavez, Morales and Ortega have failing societies due to their policies. And many of Obama’s are large scale emulations of them.

When the president of the US is cozying up to communists I think we’re past being suspicious about his agenda. It’s sad that even some movie heroes are even openly praising totalitarianism.

Things are getting bad really fast. As this cartoon illustrates, we’ve slid a long way from the top.