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It’s All Their Fault

Last Friday President Obama went on vacation but before he did he said “Oops, that projected ten year deficit is now $9 trillion dollars, not seven.

That’s the deficit. The national debt is even higher than that. But not by much.

Now, as much as I like pounding on the Obama administration, which is doing a whole lot of bad things and trashing our economy in the process. But, the fact is the problems were started long before Obama and the Democrat congress. The fact is both parties are responsible. Neither could have done it without the other. The votes weren’t there in most Congresses for one party to do it until this congress.

The Democrats supported Bush’s war spending, Republicans supported some of Clinton’s plans. We have all these RINOS who still talk about working with Democrats on the Healthcare mess.

The simple fact is pork and earmarks are a problem that only seems to be getting worse and they are not listening to us anymore.

We need to clean house in 2010. All the spenders and ideologues need to go. We need a fresh start,

Start looking for fresh faces, independents, libertarians, whoever seems sane and willing to listen. It’s time for a purge of the old and the bought and paid for.

Those who survive the purge need to do that with a fear of the voter. They need to know whos boss.

The Rise of Online Comics

I have believed since the mid 90s that comics will fine new life and success on the internet. It’s just taken a lot longer than I expected, but it seems to be starting to happen according to this article.

The business model of teh internet is still working itself out for publishing but I really think it will make things a lot more fair for everyone and less costly to consumers.

The Stupidity Continues

If you thought the governments were going to turn their backs on AGW hysteria as more and more evidence comes out that it’s false, think again.

The European Union on Saturday published a list of nearly 4,000 airlines that it says should reduce their impact on the environment from 2012 or face being banned from European airports.

Pollution from aircraft emissions currently represent three percent of European emissions.

The EU adopted the policy in January despite opposition from the majority of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) member countries and companies belonging to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). A new European law is due to come into force soon.

Under the new law, from January 1, 2012 all airlines — both European and non-European — operating within Europe would have to limit CO2 emissions or face penalties.

In spite of the fact that there is no proof CO2 causes any climate change and the public is turning against the whole discussion, the bureaucrats are going ahead with the law. This is what you get when you have statists running things. They don’t care about the people. They care about the money they can make pushing this insanity on us. And the effect it will have on our cost of living will be profound. Say good by to those cheap flights to Europe.

Back From L.A.

I was up in Los Angeles all day meeting with my manager about possible Hollywood projects. I haven’t spent much time in L.A. in a while so I made a point of visiting my favorite Cuban Restaurant while I was there. Versailles. I haven’t been there in years and I’ve been dreaming of their Lechon Asado. There is no better Cuban roast pork dish that I have tasted anywhere. Really amazing. And it was worth the wait (even though service there is really fast). I have searched high and low fpor a restaurant as good as Versailles when it comes to Cuban food but nothing so far comes close. Even ones I’ev been to in Florida. I wish they had one in Vegas.

Anyway, the meeting went well. I plan on going back to L.A. soon to check out the burger at Father’s Office. I’ve seen it discussed on the Food Network and I gotta try one.

Dem Doom 2010

We writers like a technique called foreshadowing. It involves putting subtext in scenes to are meant to induce a feeling of expectation or dread in the reader so they expect something to happen later in the story. What we’re seeing in the political debate over health care is the great Democrat purge of 2009. According to the polls the Dems are hated right now. They have all the control and they are doing a horrible job. There is no one to blame anymore.

The Dems have alienated large an important swaths of the voting public. They have no idea what a bad taste they are leaving in people’s mouths as they continue to make fools of themselves on TV and townhalls.

Someone should have said be careful what you wish for to them Dems last year.

There’s this new movie coming out called 2012 which is supposed to be about the end of the world. I have a feeling the Dems will see it happen next year instead.

But in truth neither party is really trusted and the prez is being trusted least of all. His poll numbers are dropping like a stone. Bush didn’t see these kind of drops.

All the hype and wishful thinking coming out of the toadies at MSNBC and the lamestream media isn’t going to fix that. People are sick of their spin, too.

The day of reckoning is nigh. Watch and see.

Waterloo Ain’t Just an Abba Song

Obama and the Dems are going to crash and burn and Health Care reform will be their undoing. They have no idea how bad the fire storm they started really is. But they sure keep throwing gas on the flames.

After a feint this weekend to see if people can accept a bill without a public option, their left wing started beating them. So they went back to saying they are going to push a partisan bill through.

Even with a Senate majority, I don’t think the senate will be stupid enough to pass it. And I doubt even the congress will pass it now. Dems see the polls and the polls are dire. There’s an election next year. We’re entering the start of the political season again.

Many Dems are behind in the pols. Powerful Dems like Chris Dodd, Barbara Boxer. Republicans look good to take over governorship of many blue states like New Jersey and New York.

And the Dems keep telling real American at these town halls they’re nazis and mobsters.

If health care crashes as I suspect, Obama may not get anything passed until the election is over. And with Dems losing a llot of seats, even their majorities, he will go down as the biggest failure since Carter.

At least Carter didn’t quadruple the debt.

UPDATE: Kuicinich and Conyers was Medicare for all. Medicare is on reason why health care cost got out of hand in the first place. And its broke. And it’s dying. Dems have no ideas except bad ones.


I have no idea why my account was down all morning. It said account suspended but I am paid up for the rest of the year. There was no warning or explanation they just turned it back on after I sent them some complaints. I will see about making sure that doesn’t happen again.


I always try to see one of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies in the theater when they come out because I feel it’s important to support of the the great living film makers. I have never been disappointed. Ponyo i probably one of his oddest stories, which comes from a children’s book “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea”. It’s about a romance between a five year old boy and a half human fish girl. Sort of.

A human wizard who lives in the ocean and tries to restore it to its former glory has a hundred or so daughters with a sea goddess. One of them decides to go to the land to see what its like and falls in love with a human boy. She manages to take on a human form and they have some adventures. That’s the story in a nutshell, Of course, being a Miyazaki film it has an ecological message but he is never heavy handed. And unlike most of his films, there is no flying scenes. It’s all in the water or on land.

I wasn’t sure if I would like this one, and it took me longer to warm up to it as his other movies, but it won me over as he always does. It is a very fresh and original story. Certainly when you compare it to the junk out there.

Public Plan Dropped, For Now

They couldn’t get the votes or the public support so they are backing off the public insurance option. Watching Obama try to spin it the other day was almost hilarious if it wasn’t so boring.

But don’t think you can relax. They will try to sneak something through that will make it easier for them the next time.

The good news is this stinging rebuke may just scuttle Obama’s many plans as more and more Dems will be afraid to support him as his poll numbers sink. The polls are showing a huge rout of the Dems next year if things continue as they are. Obama may have seen his last successes.

We shall see.

UPDATE: All you Canadians who tell me I’m a liar when I talk about your failing health care system, read this and weep.

Governments are incapable of running a business. Government needs to get out of businesses and leave it to the private markets.

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