The way Obama “handled” the Fort Hood tragedy vs the way former President George W Bush did, with his wife, speaks volumes about the difference in character and leadership of these two men. Rather than say it myself, I will let a Hillary Fan blog do it. These Democrats had their eyes opened and they tell it like it is, as they see it.

Or course, Obama showed up for the funerals. There were a lot of cameras there. But Bush didn’t need any stinking press. He was there to console the grieving survivors and their families. Obama just wanted to give another pretty speech, which his usual fanboys are lapping up.

Obama is a talker, not a doer. He’s a great self promoter but what did he accomplish before being elected president besides getting good jobs? He barely showed up for his US Senate job and as state senator he voted present a lot. Say what you want about George W Bush, he did accomplish a lot in his life before and during his presidency. He won a war people said was impossible to win (Iraq), he pulled the economy out of deep recession after the dot com crash and 911. Sure, some people want to blame him for our current economy, but the evidence points elsewhere. Presidents do not control spending and oversight, congress does. Guess which party has been in power the last three years, when things went south? And they’re doing such a great job solving problems now. Just look at all the jobs they created with that stimulus money. Ooo Ahh.

Yeah, I know. Both parties have a hand in the deficit and so on. The truth is neither could have made that big a mess without the other party having a hand in it. But right now we need people have constructive solutions and one thing’s for sure. The prez isn’t one of them.


Happy Veterans Day

Applebees is offering free entrees to veterans. Krispy Kreme is offering free donuts.

Thank you, Veterans. The above picture shows me when I was in combat training in the Air Force.