Change You Can Believe In

According to Rasmussen, President Obama is less popular now than George Bush was when he left office. 46% strongly disapprove of Obama today as opposed to 43% did for Bush in his last week in office. So much for the Won.

As I said when he got elected, the only place for someone to go who is built up so high is down. And since Obama is a mediocrity at best, it has done this in an incredibly short time. It took Bush years and two wars to be as unpopular as he was. Obama did that in less than a year. Imagine how bad it will be next year as the recession rolls on. And taxes go way up. And unemployment continues to rise.

And it’s an election year which means the Democrats are facing massive losses. Especially considering how angry people are on the right AND the left over this health care fiasco. As it is now, everyone’s insurance policies will go up dramatically but you don’t get any benefits for years, you will be forced to buy insurance when you weren’t before, under the threat of fines or jail and all sorts of new taxes kick in, etc. That is really going to play well. Yep.

The Democrats showed themselves to be way more arrogant and out of touch than Republicans did a few years ago. Quite an achievement, and they did it in a lot less time, like the president.

Obama may go down as the most unpopular, ineffectual and incompetent president in history. And he may take his party with him when he goes.

Detroit in Ruins

Steve Crowder does an excellent piece on the state of Detroit and how that can be America’s future if Obama’s polices are continued.

Detroit is an example of what happens when leftist Democrats have complete control of government for too long. That’s where it leads you.

Review: Avatar

Well I saw it, and did I think it lived up to the hype, both good and bad? Eh.

It was very beautiful to look at but the world of Pandora was very familiar to me. Hayao Miyazaki did many similar things in some of his animated films like Nausicaa. In fact, I could see a lot of Miyazaki influence and Roger Dean, the artist of the Yes album covers of the 70s. There was also a feeling of Alan Dean Foster’s Midworld books which I read back in the 80s. Many ideas seem to be cribbed from that series. It’s about a human who is raised, Tarzan-like, by these ape-like creatures on a planet that is covered by giant rain forests much like those in this movie. And then these aliens show up to bulldoze the place and he has to fight them off.

The story of the movie is really insipid. First of all, the depiction of corporations and the military bear absolutely no relation to reality. Real corporations bend over backward to be PC. They do not go around killing people willy nilly. Neither does the US military which spends billions on rebuilding infrastructure in places it invades. It tries to win over the natives, not kill them with the detached kind of amusement as we saw here.

This is the classic anti-war lefty propaganda stance that was wrong in Vietnam and its wrong now. The real monsters were the other guys, but they have to make us out to be the villains. This movie is a thinly veiled Oliver Stone-type Vietnam movie. With blue guys and flying dragons.

Was it entertaining? Sure, if you can turn off your brain and not groan at every cliche that comes along. The dialog is ok, the acting is good. The cgi is wonderful, especially the subtle performances that come through on the faces of the alien actors. You forget that they are cgi, even though at times it looks it.

Cameron can write and direct a good action film. He is not as bone headed as Lucas. But he reveals himself to be another Hollywood bubble head. No relation to the real world. He writes from his ivory tower how people should commune with nature like a Rousseau noble savage. Yet Rousseau, who influenced all the back to nature fools that followed him, really abhorred nature and spent most of his time in the cities. In fact, he hated people, too. He was another hypocrite like the green clowns who are pushing AGW while flying around on private jets.

The Na’vi in this movie spend a lot of time trying not to be killed by nature. But they have so many absurd advantages to commune with other animals humans don’t have, including some kind of fiber optics cable in their braids (don’t ask). And the trees talk to them. Yeah.

As a movie I think this is important for the technical achievements. Other than that it’s as trite and puerile as a Carson of Venus story by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Check out this scene from Nausicaa and see if it doesn’t remind you of Avatar a little. The difference is Nausicaa has a great story, is a well grafted and original yarn. And he doesn’t copy other people’s ideas to death. It also came out in the 80s.

Hilarious Film Critique

This parody of a You Tube film review is one of the funniest things I have seen in some time. The “reviewer” tells us why The Phantom Menace is one of the worst movies ever made. And does a great of of it I might add. But the whole thing is a story inside a review. Check out all 7 parts.

Despite the fact that it’s satire, it actually has some excellent writing lessons, even if it’s in the form of a joke.

Part 2
Part 3

Follow the links.

Dragon Age: Origins

I finished this last week. Best fantasy game ever made. Hands down. At least, that I’ve played. But it is the most fully realized world, and the quality of everything was top notch. This trailer shows a scene with some of the major characters of the game. The guy with the tattooed face would be your character, however, you get to chose how he/she looks and what race they are (human, elf, dwarf). Anyway, it is amazing. And in a year of great games, really an achievement.

Three Great Essays

I happen to agree with these three points of view, which pretty much sums up three arguments I have been making on this blog for years.

1. Global Warming is a scam. Here is a list of reasons. Download it. You will find it very interesting, especially if you believed in the warming lie. Besides, the big proof that the whole thing is political can be demonstrated by the fact that lefties are the big believers in the lie. And who is pushing it hard? Anti-capitalists who want the economies of the west to fail. They are coming out of to protest in Copenhagen. They even cheered on Hugo Chavez when he spoke.

2. Socialized Medicine is fascism. Once the government controls healthcare, it can then dictate your lifestyle. Read this and weep. As a libertarian I am not only opposed to statism, I am opposed to government interference in people’s personal lives. Nationalized healthcare opens the door to that and you will never be free again. Plus, they will tax you hard while they order you around.

3. Socialism destroys economies and makes everyone (except the elites) suffer. Argentina is a prime example. Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea. We know all about them, but Argentina shows us how a rich country can follow the path the Democrats want us to democratically, and see where it leads. It is death. Forget it.

Thanks to Toren for these great links.

Russians Pwn Climate Scammers

10% of the world’s surface was not properly covered by the British Climate clowns at CRU. The Russians out their scam.

As I have been saying for years, this whole thing is a lie. And from the lie when get crap like this. I am so sick of hearing the CO2 argument. Time for it to die a million deaths and the people who pushed this agenda need to all be sued into the stone age.

Meanwhile our idiotic president wants to bribe the Copenhagen clowns with the promise of $100 billion to corrupt regimes if they agree to a climate treaty. Fortunately, the Chinese and Indians will likeky say no. Africans want it to happen so they will have more guilt gelt to spend on their dictator’s whims.