Iron Man 2 Trailer

Looks very good, except I really don’t like the apologist for being a defense contractor meme in this movie and the last. It also shows up a lot in the comics lately. The moonbats took over the narrative and that kind of stupidity will play out badly under Obama’s watch. Watch and see. I still remember the Carter years, and Carter was a hawk compared to the apologist in chief we have now.

Also, check out this trailer for Clash of the Titans. Sam Worthington, fresh off of Avatar plays Perseus. Liam Neeson plays Zeus.

Second Alice in Wonderland Trailer

It certainly looks great, but will Burton blow it on the script as he often does? Time will tell.

Also, this scene from “Kick Ass” based on the comic series which is still ongoing. I find the series amusing, it will be interesting to see the film version.

Kill the Bill

I agree with Howard Dean, for once. He said they should kill the Senate bill. So does Roland Burris, who is Obama’s replacement in the Senate. He plans to vote against it.

With no public option, the Dems are bailing. So maybe Lieberman did us all a big favor by neutering this beast, even while he said he now supports it. The Democrats still thing they can pass something. I’m hoping they don’t. The last thing we need is this insane clown posse running the medical business. They can’t even do their jobs and they want to run 1/6 of the US economy. The reason we’re in this horrible economy is because of their policies. They have only made things worse, not better.

If the senate bill dies, they will have a hard time getting Obama care passed. Which is why they probably won’t give up. They will try to ram something through on Christmas eve or something. Never have I seen a more out of touch and deaf to the public Congress.

I looked at the calendar on the blog and noticed I haven’t been posting that much lately. Part of it was because I was not feeling too well for a couple weeks. Part of it is because I hate repeating myself, yet I can’t avoid talking about this nonsense. It’s too important. Part of it is just looking at what’s going on and wondering WTF can be done about it. I mean, they are really selling us down the river.

Imagine, if Obama care passes. We will all have a large tax added on to the already extreme taxes we’re paying. And no one will be able to “benefit” from it for three years. And the “benefits” will uncountably be worse than you have now, even if you are uninsured. The pushers of this bill have no idea what they are wishing for. I am talking about the dupes in lefty land who think the Congress can actually deliver something workable.

And then we have the push for climate regulations which will add more costs to our lives, less freedoms. The crooks and cranks in Copenhagen are debating how best to ruin everyone’s economies and increase everyones taxes. And all for an unproved, laughably stupid theory which is constantly finding itself debunked.

But first things first. We need to see Obamacare die. It’s too early to tell if it’s dead yet. But here’s hoping.

Copenhagen Crashes

At least one threat to human prosperity may have flamed out this week. The Copenhagen summit which is in disarray from a series of events. Protests, Climate Gate, leaks. Some countries even threatened a boycott.

In the end, it doesn’t look this this summit will archive much of anything close to what Lord Monckton warned, but the fact is the hacks are still acting like Global Warming is a reality even as snowstorms hit the conference.

Even Al Gore is coming under fire now for his ludicrous predictions.

And if you need more evidence that the warmists are in trouble, the trial lawyers are zooming in on the Climate Gate perps.

It’s far from over and we can’t relax yet. But if anyone needs a good list of reasons why AGW is bunk, here’s a good one. We simply can’t let the politicians regulate us into poverty and economic decline for fictional reasons. They already are doing that without the AGW spin. They don’t need more reasons. What they need to do is stop what they’re doing. Before the indictments get handed down. A lot of heads will roll in the end. This is the greatest scam of our times, and perhaps the most absurd.

UPDATE: Arnold S. and Brit PM Gordon Brown are the latest fools to go there to try to push this swill.

It’s turning into a major spectacle of stupidity all around. Obama was supposed to show up on the last day. I wonder if he will now.

And now the Russians say they have evidence the climate clowns cooked the books. Surprise.

Future Healthcare?

Before Obama care passes, and let’s hope it doesn’t, it’s important to look at countries like England that have socialized medicine. Here is yet another example of why it does not work. This is not an aberration. Stuff like this happens all the time in countries with a system like this. I have a friend who broke her leg in Japan and had it set by a Japanese doctor in one of their state hospitals. She had to get her leg rebroken and reset again when she got back to the US.

People who live in denial will swear these kinds of stories are exceptions. They aren’t, They are all too common. When you have socialized medicine, the doctors are poorly paid and trained. They don’t give a damn and they are overworked.

It’s like the old story, given a choice, would you want private school or public school for your kids? Private facilities or public facilities? When everyone gets the same deal, the deal sucks.

Bureaucrats who promise the people they will take care of them are always wrong. And they know it. Governments are all about increasing their power at the expense of the people’s freedom and rights. It’s the same story in every nation and we’re getting as bad as some of the worst. Our politicians now are some of the most blatantly corrupt I have ever seen. They do not seem to care what the people think anymore.

It’s up to us to make them care.

Idiots at the Gate

A bunch of drones who believe Al Gore’s lies crashed a Copenhagen protest to push the green agenda and shout down dissenters. Their check from Soros is in the mail.

Apparently they’re unaware, or don’t care, that the climate debate is far from over. The warmists may be trying to ram it down our throats like the Dems are pushing socialized medicine. But they will not win without a fight or repercussions for their actions.

The public may be slow to anger but that anger is getting closer to the red line every day. What people once tolerated as the silliness of people with too much time on their hands, will not be tolerated when more and more are thrown into poverty by the global meltdown these politicians are only making worse.

The so called green energy jobs end up costing three jobs to every one they “create”. And the fact is the technology for green energy does not come close to fossil fuels or nuclear, which we have plenty of resources in either. But they want to block any attempts to use those resources or expand them.

A rich society breeds fools like flies. Because people with lots of money and free time have the luxury to delude themselves about how the world supposedly works. But when things get really tough, the people who actually produce and do something will not sit by idly while their livelihood are destroyed. The politicians who have been egged on by the deluded will find that they have compromised themselves beyond redemption and what comes to pass will not be pretty.

We’re only 11 months from the next election. Expect a raucious election year like no other.

Dem Suicide Watch 2009

The Democrats are determined to go out like Thelma and Louise, only not as pretty or as stylish. And they may end up radioactive in the process.

Aside from raising the debt ceiling to some astronomical level, the Dems are determined to ram through a health care bill in the Senate. With the help of a couple of Maine RINOs.

If the CBO were to pronounce the package at least deficit-neutral – a big if, given the body’s ­Jesuitical approach to bud get accounting – the way would probably be cleared for a rapid vote in the Senate. Since the House of Representatives has already passed its own 1,990-page bill, only a seismic intervention could stop it from reaching Mr Obama’s desk within the ensuing weeks.

On Thursday, aides to Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, said they believed the latest formulation would attract the 60 votes needed to prevent Republicans from being able to block it.

In addition, the fact Mr Reid is engaging the interest of two Republicans, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both senators for Maine, has provided added confidence that they may be able to afford to lose one Democratic vote in the upper chamber.

“We put together a bill that we believe has the best chance to overcome a Republican filibuster,” said Jim Manley, an aide to the Senate majority leader.

This comes in spite of the fact that a new poll shows 61% of the people oppose the Senate’s bill, which among other things wants to cover everyone 55 and older under Medicare. The very same Medicare they want to cut half a trillion out of. The very same Medicare that has 60 billion in fraud every year, and is about to go bankrupt.

Oh yeah, they are suicidal. And the poison they are taking will hurt the public before it kills them.

But in the end, it may just destroy their party. It’s too bad people didn’t listen to Lt. Grigsby 100 years ago.


I noticed I’ve been using Chrome more to surf the web than my beloved Firefox. Mainly because Firefox loads a lot slower. I suspect that’s because I have a lot of add ons on my Firefox version, but it seems I don’t use them as much as I expected and so the speed thing gets annoying. Chrome is faster. And I am looking forward to playing with the OS, which is getting great reviews. When I get a netbook, I may make that the OS (Operating System).

I know plenty of people are creeped out by Google, but I have to say I am impressed by a lot of their work. They produce very nice software and apps.