How to Bankrupt the World

The Copenhagen clowns are feverishly trying to sell us out in a big way. Not only will they end up costing everyone a lot of money, it may even effect where you’re allowed to live and your very lifestyle. All for a bogus and discredit scam that continues to unfold.

If negotiators reach an accord at the climate talks in Copenhagen it will entail profound shifts in energy production, dislocations in how and where people live, sweeping changes in agriculture and forestry and the creation of complex new markets in global warming pollution credits.

So what is all this going to cost?

The short answer is trillions of dollars over the next few decades. It is a significant sum but a relatively small fraction of the world’s total economic output. In energy infrastructure alone, the transformational ambitions that delegates to the United Nations climate change conference are expected to set in the coming days will cost more than $10 trillion in additional investment from 2010 to 2030, according to a new estimate from the International Energy Agency.

Oh, gee. It’s a “small fraction of the world’s output”, but it’s going to the benefit of the world’s most evil criminals. And yes, that’s what they are. They are bilkig the world of trillions, condemning untold millions to poverty and less freedom to enrich their worthless selves.

This farce has got to end. This has to fail. Or there will be repercussions that will make WWII look like a cake walk. People will not take these major hits to their lifestyle in stride.

UPDATE: For example

There is No AGW

The Climate Gate scandal showed plenty of evidence that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax perpetrated by scientists and politicians seeking wealth and fame by exploiting the eco-guilt trip through taxes and power grabs. But the skeptics are pressing the issue by providing more proof now that they are given even more of a chance to speak out. One that was denied to them before. Check out this series of videos.

But this is not stopping the Obama administration from showing how anti-science they are. Their EPA is about to declare CO2 a “dangerous pollutant”. Which has been Obama’s position all along. If you need more evidence of his stupidity, there you go. We happen to be carbon-based life forms. All life on earth breathes out CO2. Plants live on the stuff. It’s part of the life cycle. Anyone who claims to be a scientist and says CO2 is bad for the environment is a fraud. Point blank.

Yet the frauds continue to operate as nothing happened. They want to continue with their global tax plans.

Now that they are fleeing Mann and the CRU’s data, some are attempting to use NASA data to back up their AGW claims. Bad move. Especially since they admit dumping data.

We skeptics will not let this rest until the people who are responsible for this scam are held accountable. The tide is turning. Finally.

UPDATE: And yet the Obama administration is making an end run around Congress using the EPA to go after companies without Cap and Trade even passing. Fascism 101, go around the laws to enact your autocratic policies.

Under the Weather

How Ironic. I’ve been under the weather the last few days or I would be posting up a storm about all this news. Boy, is it great to see the beginning of the end of the Climate Change hoax. At least, that’s the hope. The Obama administration and the major networks are pretending nothing happened and are carrying on their absurd claims. In fact, the other day I was in a lobby where they had CNN on, and lo and behold, they were talking about global warming without batting an eye. Sickening.

We live in insane times. We have a complete fraud for a president, an incompetent who’s either trying to ruin the US or is doing it by being a completely clueless boob and hiring people worse than he is. You have to flip a coin to figure it out.

But people are fighting back and they are not taking the lies anymore at face value. While the president acts like a .02% drop in unemployment is cause for celebration, we all know it means nothing since a lot of people get temp jobs this time of year. His jobs summit was attended by toadies and eco-frauds like Paul Krugman. Basically Obama supporters and not anyone who could actually have anything useful to say. And the solutions coming out of that conference did not involve tax cuts or other things that would help business.

But that .02% drop, well, wow! That took the prez by surprise. They started using that as proof that things were getting better. This is from the same guy who still believes in Global Warming. Comforting.

But back to the Climate Change deal. Jammie Wearing Fool has the theory the CRU email leaker is James Hansen, the so called “father of global warming”. I find that hard to believe, but wouldn’t that be rich. Considering he’s the biggest pusher of this crap this side of Al Gore.

I suspect the Copenhagen thing will be entertaining this year. Provided Obama doesn’t sign any treaties while he’s there.

Dem Doom 2009

I don’t know if Barbara Boxer is the stupidest person in the Senate, but she seems to be reaching for that brass ring. Check out this exchange with Senator Inhofe.

She wants to go after the whistler blower, and not the crooks behind Climate Gate. Which is typical behavior of corrupt politicians. But seriously, she takes the cake.

Like Jerry Brown, the California Atty General who wants to go after the two film makers who exposed ACORN. We live in a time where politicians blatantly flaunt their disregard for the law and the public, yet they expect us to reelect them. Brown wants to run for California governor again (even though he already served a couple terms in the past).

The public isn’t buying it anymore. Boxer is up for re-election next year and she is not polling well. Neither is Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, who saw her poll numbers drop dramatically after voting to allow Obamacare into the Senate for debate. If that doesn’t put the fear of god into these fools, I don’t know what will. But then, they don’t believe in anything but power.

Yet they are about to lose it. Perhaps not enough for Republicans to completely take over in the next election, but serious losses are heading their way. The arrogance being displayed is beyond the pale. They continue to push for their failed agenda. Despite all that coming to light.

I think the Democrats are making themselves radioactive, and not a moment too soon. They’re doing unbelievable damage every day.

Climate Myths and Excuses

The NY Times has tried to tell us the poles are melting for a long time. I guess they’re going for that stopped clock trick, hoping they’ll be right eventually They will probably go out of business before that happens.

The Climate Change scam has been based largely on computer models. Yet no one has checked the code until now. Should we be surprised it was based in lies and errors?

Naturally, the usual suspects are denying the whole Climate Gate thing, even pooh poohing the matter as if people are too dumb to understand what he alleged scientists were saying. But this is not going away.

The fight is just beginning. The AGW pushers think they still have the upper hand, but the public is turning against them.

UPDATE: The CRU emails.

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