Watchmen Madness

According to Bleeding Cool, Dan DiDio wants to do more Watchmen projects now that Paul Levitz is out of the way. He is talking to other talent about it, since there is no way in hell Alan Moore will do it. Dave Gibbons is unlikely to want to draw it.

The book has been a huge cash cow for DC, making them lots of money every year. So they want top exploit it with lots of spin offs like Star Trek, Conan and other properties that have been franchised to death. If you thought Alan Moore was angry before…yikes! I can only imagine what he’s feeling.

It doesn’t surprise me, but at the same time, it’s lunacy. Nothing they do will be a true Watchmen without the creators. There are few writers in comics these days who could measure up, in my opinion, to what Moore did. And I doubt those creators would want to do it. That leaves people who would likely just do something that sucked.

Seriously, Dan. Even Rorschach wasn’t that crazy.