Police State USA

If getting groped and scanned by the TSA doesn’t bother you, maybe getting cavity searched will. There are new scanners that can check the contents of your rectum now. I’m sure the TSA will buy some once George Soros has bought enough shares in the company.

They’re already talking about bringing TSA check points to subways, bus terminals and train stations. So much for the land of the free.

And what about that recent move by Homeland Security and ICE, seizing the domains of 75 internet sites without even charging the owners first. It was all about punishing websites that sell replica watches and other junk, as well as some file sharers. But you can easily see, if they get away with this, of doing it to any other website they don’t agree with. After all, they were seized at will. No due process. How do you like that change now?

This is why people elected the Republicans on Novermber 2. They wanted them to counter the moves of the statist Democrats. Or the DemSocs as we can call them now. They’ve been using Orwell’s 1984 as a playbook and that fundamental change Obama talked about is not looking too utopian.

A Random Act of Culture

650 Vocalists mixed in the crowds at a Philadelphia Macys burst into song to make this flash mob performance of “Hallelujah”