There Are Two Sides to Every Story

Sometimes there are more than two. Yet many people today only listen to one side and believe what they are told. It’s robs them of the ability to see what’s truly going on in the world. If you want to be a blind follower, only believe one side. You can’t take anything at face value if you want to be a truly fair minded, reasonable person.

So with that in mind, I want to recommend an article by one of the Koch Brothers who have been so demonized and vilified by the left in the last year. The left loves a straw man argument. They love to scape goat people and companies. A political tactic that goes back to ancient times when devils and demons were blamed for the world’s ills so that leaders and politicians could avoid the blame.

Charles G. Koch explains their motivations well in this Wall Street journal piece. Not only are they blameless for anything going on, they have every right to stand up for what they believe in. Only fascists want to shut down the free exchange of ideas. Despite what the left wants to believe, the Koch brothers did not “invent” the tea party. Nor are they responsible for everything it does. The tea party is not a unified group. There are many different tea parties in different regions of the US. They are mostly unified in the opinion that government is out of control. That’s hardly a radical or unrealistic opinion.

The government is going broke. And it’s because it’s out of control.

MSNBC is the Left's Propaganda Arm

One of the things that I really detest in life is being lied to. And there’s nothing I hate more than political propaganda. You constantly hear from the left how evil Fox news is, but Fox news gives the left plenty of airtime to make their arguments. The true test of an untrustworthy news source is those who are one sided. The worst of these news outlets is MSNBC.

Our recent experience with mentally challenged manque Lawrence O’Donnell was proof positive what a hack outfit it is. They called both Batton Lash and I racists based on one of our Obama Nation cartoons without once bothering to talk to us and ask our reasons and opinions, and not even showing the full cartoon to their viewers.

Another of their abysmal hosts is Rachel Maddow who has made a fool of herself by lying about the Wisconsin protests. St. Petersburg Times Politifact exposed a recent show of hers for being an outrageous spin job. Her response was to accuse them of homophobia. Even though her sexuality ws never the issue.

This is what the left does, they lie, then make personal attacks on the people who catch them in the act. Batton Lash and I were merely poking fun at the first lady’s self righteous and extreme policies of ordering schools and restaurants what to do. The St. Petersburg Times was doing something Rachel Maddow should be doing, telling the truth. Instead she did what MSNBC is known for, preaching the left’s talking points and acting as a propaganda machine for the White House. They attack anyone who dissents with the left’s agenda. They will even go after people like Batton and myself. neither Batton and I are that political. We are actually pretty moderate folk fr the most part. But they pushed us against the wall and I am not one to back down.

The St. Petersburg Times responded by showing how she was lying and spinning. More people need to speak out on the left’s lies because they are hurting the country. Their current game is to defend the public workers unions. These public workers unions are bankrupting states, just as the unions in Hollywood have killed the film industry in that town. Production has fled California. The auto industry has been destroyed by unions. It took government bail outs to keep them going, and the Obama administration used these bail outs as an excuse to give those same unions more power. The head of the AFL-CIO gets to talk to the White House nearly every day. When others never even get the chance to talk to the president. Allies are treated like dirt, but union thugs get full access.

President FDR, the hero of the left, was against unions for the public sector. Lefties are always telling us the government is good, the government solves everything, so the question needs to be asked. If government is so good, why do public workers need unions?

Even Forbes magazine is trying to cover for these union hacks in Wisconsin by trying to say that the taxpayers contribute nothing to their medical expenses. Everywhere you turn, some pro-union fool is preaching that the teachers in Wisconsin are being denied their rights. Let’s get something straight. Where does the state get their money to pay the teachers from? Taxpayers. So where does the money come from to pay for the teachers benefits? Not the teachers. They pay a tiny amount into the system. The rest comes from the tax payers one way or another. And the state budgets are growing exponentially as a result. It’s what the greens like to call “unsustainable”.

You can easily find the truth if you bother looking for it. But you won’t get it from one sided, lying propaganda sources like MSNBC. It’s no surprise that it’s a network with a pathetic viewership. Bound to fail sooner or later. As it should.