Lawrence O'Donnell: Class Clown of MSNBC

The alleged news pundit Lawrence O’Donnell is a self admitted actor. His carny act is nothing but a side show event to drum up ratings. According to O’Donnell himself.

Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi profiled MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell on the front of Friday’s Style section. The headlines were vaguely promotional. Above a large picture it reads “Lawrence O’Donnell is hitting his marks at the center of MSNBC’s prime time lineup.” The actual headline below is “A starring role as the cable guy.”

But read deeply into Farhi’s portrait, and it becomes clear that O’Donnell prides himself on being detached – some might say insincere. Late in the piece, Farhi quotes me on how Larry’s done “some very weird shouting and tantrums.” In response, O’Donnell says he’s not really outraged on TV, he’s…acting! He’s the Master Thespian of Cable News. He’s sort of playing a character for theatrical effect:

I pretty much got that impression when he called Batton Lash and myself racists because of a tame cartoon we did. But now he admits that he’s trying to be a cartoon like he imagines the vastly more successful Bill O’Reilly is. Personally, I hate shouting TV pundits. It’s gotten so old. But O’Donnell is foolish enough to do it on the side that defends statism and accuses everyone of being racist or monsters. No wonder his ratings are so poor.

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