Occupy Comics???

A bunch of British comics artists including Alan Moore and David Lloyd have joined Occupy Comics, a movement in support of the Occupy movement. While I support protest against corruption and all that, leave it to comics pros to board a train after it’s derailed.

The Occupy movement was astroturf from the start. Organized by leftist groups with a worse agenda than wall street. The mobs that make up the protesters have been a sordid bunch, despite the many idealistic types who also went there and got raped or ripped off by the con artists, professional agitators and criminals dodging the law in their ranks.

Anyway, if comics creators really believe in issues they should at least research the people organizing these scam movements. I remember in the 80s Alan Moore did this Brought to Light book which was funded by the Christic Institute, a leftist pro-communist group out to discredit the Reagan administration. He basically did a beautiful propaganda piece funded by radical cranks. That ultimately had no impact.