RIH: Kim Jong Il

One of the most evil men in history died last night. Kim Jong Il was as far left as it gets. He was an example of what statism achieves at its pinnacle of success. A corrupt state where a few people at the top have utter control over everyone below them and there is no freedom at all and only despair as a collapsing economy must be propped by by outside money. North Korea would ahve collapsed a long time ago if not for the Chinese and other countries like the US giving them aid money. Once they acquired nuclear weapons, thanks in part to the Clinton Administration giving them nuclear power plants, they were able to threaten their way into more foreign aid money. We would send them food which was meant for their people but would be stolen by those at the top.

The late Christopher Hitchens did a piece years ago explaining the horror that was North Korea. This is why we must fight statism constantly. Even here where we have a statist president who is eroding our rights constantly.

More on the Norks here and here. More stories should be coming out in the following days.

RIH means rot in hell in case you were wondering. Kim Jong Il was a monster of history.

UPDATE: The Kim Jong Il Crazy Train