Edward Snowdon TED Talk

Really worth watching. Edward Snowdon explains why he did what he did and why it’s important. I’m pretty much on the side that says he did the right thing. People in power are never satisfied with what they have and it’s human nature for people to abuse power once they have it. It’s clear the government and the NSA is abusing power already and that needs to stop.

Welcome to the Police State

This kind of thing is all too common and needs to stop. Too many moronic assholes with badges think they can terrorize anyone they feel like and get away with it these days. We have cops carrying machine guns and abusing citizens for no reason. The Obama Administration seems to encourage it. They are the ones amping up local law enforcement with military hardware. And they seem to have no interest in our civil rights.

The World as We Knew It

In 2001 the world as we knew it changed dramatically. But many people didn’t realize it was only a minor note in a coming discordance. The United States entered into two wars and borrowed trillions to pay for them, which was bad in itself except the next president, and the Democrats, mainly have ramped up our dept to the tune of 16 trillion and counting. They want to add more trillions in debt and their only answer to this is more taxes.

Meanwhile Global economies are on the verge of collapse, In Cypress, on the orders of the EU, they;ve depleted 40% of people’s personal savings accounts to pay their countries debts. Other nations are facing a similar decision. But the US is the world’s greatest debtor nation. We owe more money in unfunded liabilities than the world’s entire money supply. That’s simply not going to stand for long.

The politicians responsible for this should be hanged and that is what many of them probably fear. When things get out of control, and the people rise up, as they may very well do, the elites will be running for cover. Which is why so many of them are calling for gun control and the Homeland Security department is buying up all the bullets. They say its for training but the fact is, no one trains with hollow points. Hollow points are used for killing targets.

So that’s not over a billion rounds to fire warning shots.

Read this and think long and hard about saving your money for a serious economic downturn because its coming. Our government, and both parties are to blame for this, has been leading us own this road for some time. They have been criminally negligent.

The current administration is the worst possible kind of leadership we could have right now. I’m afraid what may come is going to be more ugly than the last depression. I hope I’m wrong.

Economic collapse is bad, but the wars that may follow are worse and as the 20th century showed, millions can suffer. I hate to sound like an alarmist but all the signs we’ve been seeing, including these insane calls for things that are meaningless in the long run, like Global Warming and Gun Control are just the elites way of keeping people’s attention on thin gs other than the horrible mess they’ve made for us.

They know full well what happens when the people see what kind of creatures the elites really are. Ask the Aristocracy during the French Revolution. Government benefits aren’t really what people think. They’re bribes to keep rebellions like that from happening again. But the problem is, the “blue model” of statism doesn’t work in the long run. You can placate the masses only as long as you can afford to keep up the scam. But eventually you run out of money to steal from those produce wealth. If statism worked, Russia and China would still be communist.

RIH Hugo Chavez


Another dictator bites the dust. Like so many leftists before him, Hugo Chavez turned one of the richest countries in Latin America into a financial basket case with one of the highest crime rates in the world and the least amount of freedom. Time and time again, when leftists have power, they ruin economies and take away the people’s freedom, all the while promising the opposite.

Chavez famously decided to get his cancer treated in Cuba, famous for its socialized medicine and we saw the results. Socialized medicine is toxic as we will soon discover as Obamacare destroys what was once the world’s greatest health care system.

Soon Fidel Castro and his brother (who said he’s retiring) will be out of the picture. That removes two of the biggest socialist icons in the world. It remains to be seen what happens in the wake of Chavez’ death, but Cuba us slowly moving towards a market state, It may seem like leftists are on the rise with Obama in a second term and Hollande in France with his insane taxes, but the people are getting angry and I suspect a backlash is building against the destruction lefties are leaving in their wake.

The world economy is an unbelievable mess, due to the largess of the “blue model” state. When we come out of the other side of the pending global meltdown there will be a much different world.

UPDATE: Like all other leftist dictators, Chavez was also a thief who robbed his people of their wealth. This quote sums up how he was typical of his kind.

A former paratrooper, Mr. Chávez had a radical vision for “21st Century Socialism,” which was never fully explained. His skillful rhetoric, which filled supporters with utopian dreams, was used to justify the methodical destruction of Venezuela’s democratic institutions and the free market.

Monsters of the left always promise utopia while delivering hell.

The Debt Limit Explained

Imagine something a million times more stupid than what this guy is doing, then realize than what our politicians is 1000 times worse than that. We have criminally negligent fools managing our resources. And we elected them. What does that say about us?

The fiscal cliff exists because of their stupidity, avarice and blatant negligence. Remember than if you end up suffering because of it.

Stone’s Propaganda

Joseph Stalin murdered vastly more people than Hitler and the Soviet Union kept its citizens prisoner behind the iron curtain. Yet more than 20 years after its fall, we have fools trying to pimp Communism as the better society. And networks are stupid enough to air such propaganda. The Soviets took over smaller countries and turned them into oppressive totalitarian states. East Germany was so badly Germans would risk being shot trying to escape. The Berlin Wall was created to keep them from escaping from this hell. Eventually it all collapsed and now China, Russia and even Cuba are moving toward market economies, yet statists will never admin they’re wrong. Even when their “model society” failed and murdered millions, they still try to sell it as the better way.

The Soviets weren’t about peace. They instigated wars. They conquered countries. They tried to destroy ours through subversion. And we still see people trying to carry on their work as this film shows. 1984 was written by George Orwell as a critique of Stalin. And Orwell was a socialist.

Until people learn that big government steals people’s liberties and freedoms will will never have true peace and freedom.

Dem Disaster

I didn’t write anything right after the election because I needed to process it all, I was certainly disappointed but it also seemed surreal. And unlike the Democrats crowing that this is the end of white people or some other sickening racist nonsense, it really wasn’t so much about white people and more about Romney. Romney was another weak candidate, like McCain. While I think Romney did better than McCain at times, like McCain he wimped out. He basically brought a knife to a gunfight. Obama brought a tank.

Obama had too many things in his favor, from the bulk of the media to all sorts of voter fraud funded by stolen and misappropriated tax dollars. Over a billion dollars were spent on this election. Don’t tell me money doesn’t buy elections. It can.

Despite what some in the press are saying about the white vote not being able to win elections, the fact is Obama carried enough white people to squeak by. There was only half a million votes to get him the crucial swing states he allegedly won, and there’s plenty of evidence of voter fraud in those states. It was close enough for there to be a question of fraud winning him the election. So it may well be that the polls were not wrong about Romney having a slight lead. He still lost.

I didn’t feel Romney was a winner way back at the beginning of the year and I was right. He did seem to do better toward the end but then he went too soft when he should have went for the kill. And as Charles Krauthammer said, Obama is the luckiest candidate in history. Hurricane Sandy probably helped him win. Even though his response has been abysmal (not according to the lapdog press). What’s important to understand is this president and his polices have been detrimental to the economy and the people have elected someone who will make their lives much, much worse. He’s like a Democrat to the Nth degree, thinking statism solves problems when its really just a method for stealing wealth from some in order to stay in power by sprinkling some of it back on his supporters. It’s really a gangster government. And the effects are horrible. Already companies are laying off thousands across the country. The press blames it on Sandy and not the president’s reelection. But just today Hostess is going out of business because of unions. And unions have been empowered by this administration in unbelievable ways.

Unions have killed off many a company. The auto business only exists because of the auto bailout which illegal gave more power to the unions over the execs in the companies. The state of California is broke, run by Democrats into the ground and headed for Michigan status. Right now, the state which was the richest in the country a decade or so ago, now leads the nation in poverty rankings. The democrats are pushing the country over the fiscal cliff which will hit us will over 1 trillion in new taxes and cut critical parts of the military as well as other government services because the Democrats STILL refuse to produce a budget after four years! They say they dont need a budget because they pushed the debt ceiling to over one trillion dollars.

This administration is anti-business (unless its in business with them!), The next four years may be worse than the last four. There are some signs of hope, we’ll just have to see. I am not one of those people who think its the end. I had a lot of reservations about Romney too. He was also a statist. We’ll just see how much the public is willing to push back against the stuff that will be coming down the pike.

Back in the 70s unions crippled cities with strikes in the US and Europe. We can see a return to that under this president and a lot of worse things besides. I hope we don’t.

Double Outrage Day

There are two stories today that deserve attention more than who Mitt Romney picked for Vice president. They reveal two extremely disturbing events that the media has mostly ignored.

First, the president signed a bill that removed senate confirmations for some presidential appointees. This guts an important part of the checks and balances in our constitution and gives further power to the executive branch, which has already proven itself to be out of control. Basically, the president can now appoint people to major posts effecting important parts of the economy and state without anyone being able to say no. Not just this president, but future presidents. So lets say you think Obama is a great president, well if he loses in November, Romney will be able to appoint people without the Democrats being able to say no. A system of checks and balances helps curtail abuses of power. But this administration has worked very hard to circumvent those as much as possible.

Secondly, there’s the wikileaks revelation that the US government has developed a system called Trapwire, which links surveillance cams around the country to a system that does facial recognition and gives feds the power to find someone and arrest them for “suspicious behavior”. What could go wrong?

..those spooky new “circular” dark globe cameras installed in your neighborhood park, town, or city—they aren’t just passively monitoring. They’re plugged into Trapwire and they are potentially monitoring every single person via facial recognition.

In related news, the Obama administration is fighting in federal court this week for the ability to imprison American citizens under NDAA’s indefinite detention provisions—and anyone else—without charge or trial, on suspicion alone.

So we have a government which does things like demonize its critics, even starts criminal investigations against donors to presidential opponents. Which does everything they can think of to undermine the checks and balances that are meant to thwart tyrannical leaders. Whether you like this president or not, these are two items that will make it a lot easier for future leaders to abuse the system. We don’t need this at all.

Alan Moore on Anarchy

Comics writer Alan Moore calls himself an anarchist, which makes him sound rather radical. But I was curious what his definition of anarchy was so I looked it up and found some good sources. This quote from his Wikipedia bio is great:

“I believe that all other political states are in fact variations or outgrowths of a basic state of anarchy; after all, when you mention the idea of anarchy to most people they will tell you what a bad idea it is because the biggest gang would just take over. Which is pretty much how I see contemporary society. We live in a badly developed anarchist situation in which the biggest gang has taken over and have declared that it is not an anarchist situation – that it is a capitalist or a communist situation. But I tend to think that anarchy is the most natural form of politics for a human being to actually practice.”

In this interview he expounds on his views further.

Here’s a video clip where he discusses it a little.

Where I disagree with him is his idea of anarchy. Anarchy is well defined as a lack of a governing body. Once any gang, tribe, junta or state takes over it ceases to be anarchy. And under Alan’s definition, that we need some kind of “administrator” (which I agree with), this is a form of government. I agree that the only real answer to a free society or world is a form of anarchy as he defines it, eg: with an administrative body. Everyone is their own boss, and an administrative body maintains a sense of order, and manages resources so we can all equitably access what we need.

However, this is not anarchy. This is a limited form of government, where the government is prevented from growing powerful. Arguably, this is what the founders of the US were attempting to do, slavery aside, but it has since been corrupted to the point where this is no longer the case.

So, I would love to talk to him further about this, if I can get him to do a podcast. But it seems from what I have read that he shares a similar view to myself that all governments should be limited in power and that most of the world’s problems are created by a tiny minority of people. The world’s economic mess is caused by the mismanagement of the people’s money by the states themselves and their mismanagement of the resources that occur.

But where I seem to disagree with Alan is the actual idea of how a fair system would work. There will always be two and only two kinds of “government”. What I define as Statist and Non-Statist. Non statist being similar to what he described as anarchy with a administrative body. That is a society where a social contract keeps some form of order. All other forms of the state are Statist. They seek to make a powerful state that rules us all and no matter what the intentions of statists may be, what they create devolves over time into tyranny. The labels they give it are irrelevant: fascist, communist, socialist, progressive…its all the same thing. Believe it or not, even those states we view as evil is someones idea of a utopia. But all such societies, whether they be the Roman Empire, the Mayans, British Empire, they all fall under the weight of human nature. Human nature effects all human endeavor and all states will become tyrannical over time due to the inertia of their own mass. It’s like one of the laws of Thermodynamics. Immutable.

Still, he has some very interesting points that people should think about. No government is really fair or equitable and the more any politician claims to care about virtue or fairness the less we should trust them. Because such things don’t truly exists where the state is concerned. All intentions aside.

Obamacare = Slavery

I pretty much agree with the points Nick Gillespe makes here on Reason TV

But I’ll go one further. This decision by the Supreme Court is the worst since Dred Scott which was where the Supreme Court ruled Africans and their descendants brought to the US weren’t protected by the Constitution. Or where the Supreme Court upheld a ruling that concentration camps were lawful for interning Japanese-Americans regardless of whether they had done anything wrong (and all their property was confiscated by the state). And then there’s Kelo which basically said it was ok for cities to make deals with developers and seize people’s property so the city can get rich off their land. The Supreme Court acts unlawfully on occasion and does things that are not constitutional. It all depends on how the courts are stacked. President Obama stuck in two ideological fanatics, one of whom should have recused herself because she had a hand in writing the law.

If he gets reelected be certain there will be more appointments like the ones he made to stack the courts even further with hacks who show little regard for the bill of rights.

Justice Kagan didn’t recuse herself, which in itself an act act of judicial impropriety. For five justices to claim the government has the right to compel people to buy a commodity is an outrage and will have severe consequences. Politicians won’t stop making people buy stuff if they can get away with it here. Justice Roberts basically said its a tax and Congress can create new taxes. But this is a tax whereby you are forced to buy health insurance and that means you are compelled to do what the state tells you. They can start making you buy other things and claim its a tax now. It also means they now “own you” and can start telling you how to live. Your personal health affects actuarial tables. This means they can punish people for smoking, being overweight, whatever else they decide is unhealthy. If you think they are extreme now with their laws against smoking and junk food just you wait. They will start taking it far beyond where it is now. And they will find new things to complain about. They are constantly looking for new reasons to tell us what to do.

I’m old enough to remember when you could smoke in restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores. No smoking started as a suggestion. Now look where we are. You may think that its good the way it is but now they are starting in on junk food. They started with suggestions. Articles telling you this will kill you and that will kill you. They changed the definition of the BMI so anyone not skinny was labeled obese and now we’re seeing airlines punishing people for being fat, cities banning soda and salt. It’s only the beginning.

When the state dictates every aspect of your life down to what you eat, when they make you buy things, when they act like they own you from cradle to the grave and now control the very mechanisms and institutions that are responsible for keeping you alive, you are truly a slave. 1984 is fast becoming non-fiction.

We cannot allow this to continue and that includes whatever Romney wants if he plans to replace Obamacare with anything like his Romneycare which has metastasized into something that’s ruined healthcare in Massachusetts and driven insurance prices through the roof there.

The state doesn’t own you. Nor do they have the right to tell you how to live. But they don’t care about the laws. They show a flagrant disregard for them on a daily basis. At what point to we make them stop?

Commodities Aren’t Rights

Nationalized Health Care would lead to some of the worst invasions of our freedoms yet. We’re already starting to see food fascists try to take over in some major cities like New York. When the state starts dictating what you can and cannot eat, what your weight must be or you will be punished, etc then you will see what kind of hell Statism creates. But it will be too late.

Let’s hope Obamacare gets overturned next week.

Here’s a video giving two of the latest absurd statist ploys to control people.