Having Fun With My iPad

If it was a woman I would probably marry it. It really love it, no doubt. And I’m probably going to start doing video blogs using it once I get more into using imovie which I’ve been playing around with.

I wanted to do a video about the Zimmerman/Martin case but the story is finally coming out that Martin instigated it not the other way around. I may still do it. The bottom line with this case is the prejudices of people on both sides are whats driving it not he facts. A lot of blacks assume Martin was an innocent victim and the media has painted Zimmerman as a racist shooter but now that the facts are coming out they are once again looking bad. And they are starting to cover themselves.

Anyway, I use the ipad for a lot of things besides blog. So many useful apps. Its much better than carrying around a bulky laptop except for typing. Thats where the laptop has it beat. But I can always buy a keyboard for it later if I want. As it easy it’s way handier than I imagined it would be.

Got Myself an iPad

I finally got one and love it as much as I suspected I would. I went for a ipad2 for now because I am looking to get a new car and they are $100 off. It really lives up to the hype, though. And after reading about the 3 I think I can hold off for the next one. We’ll see.

In the mean time I can now see how the sites I do look on tablets which will be the average persons computer very soon. There are already more mobile computers (including smart phones) than desktops. So as a web developer the writing is on the wall. You have to make your sites for both “mainstream” computers and mobile devices now.

I also want to use it to develop comics for digital format which as I have long predicted is where it going. Anyway, I love it!

Windows 8

They’re very smartly thinking that touch screens are the wave of the future so all OS from now on until the next major shift, will be touch screen oriented. This is coming out in 2012. The Windows Phone which is already starting to appear is using this interface. Most the reviews so far I’ve seen have been pretty positive.

I do think Windows 7 was the first OS they did that was mostly right. And I’ve enjoyed it. So hopefully this new OS will be even better.


Apple created a software called Siri. Here’s the demo. This is a crude version of what computers will be like in a few, maybe ten years, when you have an AI running them that you can have conversations with beyond what you see here. They will be your personal assistant and more. This is a great start though.

The iPad 2

I have to give Apple credit for continuing to stay ahead of the pack. Their iPad is cheaper and better than any competitor so far. The new changes make it much more attractive to me as a consumer. Especially with the cover providing a stand. I’ve been looking at iPad cases people have been making. Some are really sweet. This simple cover, is an excellent addition. (It does cost $39 for the polyurethane version and $69 for the leather one. I think I’ll just get one of the cases I’ve been eyeing if I buy an iPad.)

Useful Stuff

Two links worth exploring today provide you with a ton of links to a lot of useful free software (mostly, but not entirely, PC stuff) that will boost your productivity and make your life easier.

The first is Life Hacker’s Pack 2010. A list of essential software you shouldn’t do without. I used to work with a guy who made an “essentials” cd for people every couple months that had the latest versions of freeware that was useful. This is a current version of that idea.

Maximum PC’s 32 Incredible Bookmarks provides you with a lot of sites you might find very useful. Like vozme which is a voice synthesizer site where you can create robot sounding audio mp3s.

Gotta love the internet.

Tablets Will Rule

Steve Jobs is predicting the tablets will replace the desktop PC. I have been saying this or years. Apple has sold 2 million iPads already.

“The transformation of the PC to new form factors like the tablet is going to make some people uneasy because the PC has taken us a long ways,” he said.

He revealed that he had started working on a tablet long before the iPhone – launched in 2007 – but switched to making a phone when he saw the possibilities of the touchscreen. Handsets are a much bigger market than personal computers. Apple has now sold more than 50 million iPhones worldwide in three years.

Worries that tablet computers were not suitable for word processing and other complex types of content creation such as photo-editing would be solved in time, Mr Jobs said, standing by his description of the iPad as a “magical” device. Tablets provided a more direct and intimate computing experience, he said.

I do think, however, it will only replace them for most people. Those who mainly use a computer to browse the web and email and such. There are companies readying tablets as low cost as $100. When good tablets cost that much, the PC will be on its way to obsolescence, except for people who do heavier kind of work on their machines, like graphic artists, programmers, etc.

The thing is, the appeal of something as portable as a tablet and so easy to use, will win over most people. Also, as a reading device, it will rule eventually. I do think it will be a great boon to comics. Though that won’t be immediate.

Times are changing in lots of ways.

UPDATE: This $199 tablet from Asus is a good example of what I mean. They will keep coming from competitors and the price range will make them very popular with people in this economy.

iPad Killers

Here’s an article on 5 potential “iPad killers”. One of them is the Microsoft Courier which I’ve added a video for below.

I don’t know if I like the dual screen thing or not, but it’s more like a book and can be folded. Here’s the concept video for the Google Tablet.

The Archos is more expensive but has more features and is also coming with a TV tuner, so it can be used as a TV as well. Plus it has a back stand.

UPDATE: HP’s Slate