Put Up Or Shut Up

November 30, 2011 2

Climategate 2.0 has shown once again that the warmists are a bunch of scam artists and conspirators out o bilk tax payers out of millions […]

Science Trumps Junk Science

August 26, 2011 2

AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) just received another serious body blow. A recent discovery by CERN shows a common sense answer to climate change. NATURE! CERN’s […]

Ten years Later, And?

June 11, 2011 1

James Taylor (not the song writer) at Forbes wants to know where the global warming is after 10 years of flat climate readings. We all […]

The Hazards of DHMO

May 12, 2011 2

Send this site to your progressive friends and see if they bite. DHMO is water. But people who are brainwashed by all the eco-propaganda tend […]

Here Comes the Sun

April 5, 2011 2

It’s a no brainer that the sun would effect climate. Yet the so called scientists who believe in man caused “climate change” deny the sun […]

Global Warming Death Watch

February 19, 2011 0

Congress has voted 244-179 to kill off one of the sources of Global Warming hysteria, by defunding the IPCC’s global warming reports. This is the […]

Another Lie Shot Down

January 6, 2011 0

The bogus claims by some that vaccines lead to autism in children, has been revealed as a fraud. Another celebrity meme of stupidity shot down […]

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